About this Site

Welcome to our new Forever home. Why here? For years we have struggled with inadequate membership sites and struggled to find a home that could house our videos and keep members learning. We decided to pause our school - Belly Baby School and our old Membership site and merge into one place that can grow with us. This new home will allow us to grow, provide apps for your devices and so much more. Thank you for your patience as we merge our date in one site.

Q and A

I am a member of Belly Baby School.com, what happens to my account? Right now, nothing. We will leave all accounts in this school for a year. If you were an annual member we are merging accounts into this site so you will have access here as well for the length of your membership.

I am a member of Ana Brandt - members.anabrandt.com - what happens to my account? Nothing yet! We are merging monthly, annual and lifetime members to this platform. Once everyone is merged, and all of the content is moved we will get rid of that site.

More questions? Email us ana@anabrandtonline.com

Our goal is to help educate and inspire Photographers everywhere! Our Membership community is a living, breathing area in which we constantly add new material. Unlike an online course where there is a beginning and end - our Member site site has no end! As we grow in our Business, we communicate, create and release material for the Photographer. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned veteran, we believe our content will enhance your future goals!